Motor controller & BS2

Hi All
I am new in this robotic field and I am trying to controll the speed of my robot motors.I am using this with BS2. For this I have bought this micro dual serial motor controller. Before connecting and runing I just want to ensure I am not doing some thing wrong.

  1. My motor was already connected through H-bridge which I think is no longer required.
  2. on this PWM I am confused with pin configuration. I am using BS2 on Board of Education (BOE). I am following the PWM pin configuration as follows:
    a. Pin1 to Vin on BOE (I have 12 V)
    b. Pin2 to Vss on BOE
    c. Pin3 to Vdd
    d. Pin4 & pin5 to any of the I/O
    pins on BS2.
    e. Pin6-9 to motors.
  3. Why we need to connect pin3 of pwm to VSS and negative terminal togather and how we do it since my BS2 is place on BOE. and I am using variable powersupply and supplying 12V to run my codes.
    Am I going right --I really appreciate all help step by step


It looks like you’ve generally got the right connections, but 12V is more than the maximum rating of the motor controller. Also, unless your variable power supply is very good, chances are that it is not well suited for powering motors off of it. If you must use the power supply instead of a battery, make sure that it can deliver the necessary current, and you might need to add capacitors to keep the noise down.

I do not understand your question about “why we need to connect pin3 of pwm to VSS”. You correctly indicate earlier that pin3 should be connected to Vdd.

- Jan

I have connected my motors on the robot-- now I want to run them simultaneously–like asking my robot to turn right or left and go forward.
I ahve configured motor controll to 2 motor mode by my following command

' {$STAMP BS2}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}

SEROUT 2, 84, [$80,2,2]

Then In my following code these motors should run simultaneously but these are not runing (only one responds) what is wrong with my following code

' {$STAMP BS2}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}
speed VAR Byte
       PAUSE 100
       FOR speed = 0 TO 127

SEROUT 2,84,[$80,0,1,speed]
FOR speed =  127 TO 0
 SEROUT 2,84,[$80,0,1,speed]

what am I doing wrong above