Motor controller and rc snubber

Hello All

I am using a Pololu drv883x motor module with a 24000 rpm 4 to 12V cheap motor. Both forward and reverse.

Using VCC=3.3V and VM=8.4V the arduino pins or DRV883x chip are damaged, is there any solution with the following schematic?!

Are OK the values of the capacitor and resistor?

Will the schematic solve the problem?
Thank you in advance


We have boards based on many different DRV883x ICs with different characteristics. Could you be more specific about which one you are using? Can you post pictures here that show your setup? Did it ever work for you? From your description, it is not clear to me whether anything in your system is currently damaged. What makes you think that it is?

It is possible that if you make the connections shown in the schematic you posted something could be damaged. It looks like you are trying to make an RC snubber to reduce noise in your system, however it is unclear to me whether that will help your problem.


The following schematic does not work fine without a motor protection

I’ve damaged several arduino pro mini and boards, is there any way to protect all?

Can be fine the following schematic?

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It seems surprising that the connections you show would damage the Arduino, though without doing some troubleshooting it is difficult to say what is causing the damage. If you want to do some troubleshooting, could you please post a datasheet or specifications for the motor you are using and how you are controlling the motors when the boards are damaged? Have you been using the same motor driver the whole time? What kind of damage happened to your Arduino and drivers?

The schematic you show should reduce the motor noise and add some additional protection against some types of voltage spikes.


I’ve destroyed a lot of both arduino and drv8838 modules.

Is there any way to add more protection?

There are many ways to destroy electronics like these and without knowing the causes of the failure, it is difficult to know what protection to add. If you want to continue troubleshooting to determine the cause of the failures you have experienced, please answer the questions I have asked previously. You can read more about our support process and why we ask the questions we do on the support page on our web site.