Motor control and selection, (using Tic?)

Is there any product to control the motor rotation to a fixed angle and retract based on input from a switch?
I looked at stepper motors and they need use of a micro-controller. I also looked at Tic-motor drivers but they seem to work with continuous input (joystick application)


It sounds like what you want to make a system where a stepper motor moves to a specific position (position 1) when a switch is open and moves to a different position (position 2) when the switch is closed. Is that correct?

The Tic would be great for this type of application. The switch should be connected between GND and the SDA/AN pin. Next, you need change the SDA/AN pin from “Default” mode to “User input” under the advanced settings tab in the Tic Control Center. Then, you can enable the SDA/AN pin’s pull-up resistor and check the analog checkbox. There is more information about those settings in the “Pin configuration” section of the Tic user’s guide.

After the switch is connected and the SDA/AN pin is configured, you should set up the Tic like you would if you were using a potentiometer for analog position control by following the instructions in “Setting up analog position control” section of the Tic user’s guide. Following that process, when you use the Tic’s Input Setup Wizard, it will ask you to move your analog input to its neutral, maximum, and minimum positions. Since your switch only has two positions, I recommend using the same position for both neutral and minimum.


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