Motor 2268 - where are parts to connect to traveling nut?

I see from the spec PDF that the nut accepts M3 screws, and that the holes are 11.5 mm apart, and that the nut itself is 22 mm in diameter …

But where can I find parts that actually connect to that nut? Something as simple as an L bracket so that the traveling nut can be attached to whatever I want to move with it.

Alternatively, are there different traveling nuts available that are threaded for the rod but make connecting to other parts simpler?

I’m not clear on how this is supposed to be connected to anything.

Thank you.

What do you want to connect to the nut? I think you are on your own and will need some basic machine tools to make good use of this very nice motor/lead screw/nut combination. Alternatively you can use a 3D printer to make any imaginable connector.


Since the dimensions for the hole pattern on the traveling nut are in the datasheet (as you mentioned), you should be able to make your own plate or hardware to connect to it. The holes on the nut are threaded, so you would just need a plate with the hole pattern cut out of it so your screws could tighten down on it. Alternatively, Jim’s suggestion of a 3D printed piece sounds like a good solution.

As far as different traveling nuts, we do not currently carry any alternative traveling nuts for the #2268 stepper motor with threaded rod. However, it is something we are interested in and are looking into.