Modification of API of the Simple Motor Controller


I would like to modify the API of the SMC and use this motor as one of my application in a partitioned architecture model. As such, I would like to know if just the SMC would suffice in modifying the codes in the SDK or do I need any additional parts (such as Arduino)?


Hello, Addy.

Your question does not make sense to me. Could you please clarify what you are trying to do and post more details about your setup?

- Amanda

Hi Amanda

I am intending to use a simple motor to be run as an application. In order to do so, I need to be able to access and modify its application programming interface. I want to modify the API in such a way that I will not have to manually tune the speed/voltage ot the motor using the user interface.

As such, I am wondering if just getting the SMC will suffice or do I need any other parts to do so?


Hello, Addy.

It sounds like you want to know the dependencies of the Smc class in the Pololu USB SDK. The Smc class needs all of the .cs files in the Smc folder, and it also needs the UsbWrapper component which is provided in the SDK.


Hi David

I would like to obtain the driver’s code so as to modify its API, thus I will be able to control the following requirements:

  1. Switching the motor on/off via the code
  2. Changing the speed of the motor via the code

I would like to clarify and ensure that I am able to obatin and modify the code before I purchase the SMC.


It is not clear to me what you are asking. What do you mean by “driver’s code”? Are referring to the code that runs on the Simple Motor Controller board itself, which is also known as the firmware? Are you referring to software that runs on a PC? If you are referring to software that runs on a PC, could you tell me specifically which software you are referring to and provide a link to it?

It is also not clear to me what you are trying to accomplish. Without being modified, the Simple Motor Controller already allows you to control the speed of the motor with code, and to turn the motor on and off with code. The code you write can run on a PC or a separate microcontroller, and can send commands to the Simple Motor Controller using many different interfaces which are documented in the Simple Motor Controller user’s guide.