MinIMU-9 v5 AHRS problems

hi ,

i am a student doing a project which need to use minIMU9 v5 as a sensor to catch the movement of objects. I met some problems here.

  1. When i put the chip in correct XYZ direction, the output value was not correct. i means the offset value is not correct after i run the Arduino code to test the pitch, roll, yaw value.

  2. when i move the IMU the pitch and yaw output value range are not correct. y pitch ragne from -90 to 90 degrees, and z yaw initial direction is not downtowards.

3.i don’t know why the VPython 3D graph always move in opposite direction, i comfirm my initial xyz setting is correct, because i just followed the introduction.

  1. and the yaw output value always drifts, even i dont touch it.

do you have any suggestions for these problems?

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I am sorry you are having trouble with the AHRS code. I split your post and made a new thread for your issue. Can you post a picture that shows the orientation of your board? Which parameters are you using for SENSOR_SIGN[9]? Have you run the LIS3MDL Calibrate example and updated M_X_MIN through M_Z_MAX calibration constants? Since you are using a MinIMU-9 v5, have you uncommented the line that says //#define IMU_V5 at the beginning of MinIMU9AHRS.ino?