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Mini Maestro 24-Channel USB Servo Controller

I’m new to this programming and I want to build me a litte circuit that changes position on a servo/stepper motor. But I want to use 7 buttons and one motor. Can this be done with the mini maestro controller?

Oystein B

Hello, Oystein.

You could make something like that for a servo (not a stepper motor) using a 12 channel Mini Maestro. I recommend reviewing the Maestro user’s guide, specifically the Attaching Servos and Peripherals and The Maestro Scripting Language sections to get an idea of how you would need to connect and program your Maestro to do that.

If you want to control a stepper motor, then you would need an additional device to drive it, like one of our Tic Stepper Motor Controllers (which you could control from a Maestro). Alternatively, you could use an Arduino or one of our Arduino compatible A-Stars plus an appropriate stepper motor driver or Tic.

If you review those products and are still unsure about the best route, can you post more details about what servo or stepper motor you want to control and how you want the buttons to interact with it?

- Patrick

Hi again
I’ve bought a Mini Maestro 12/channel USB servo controller and one FS5115/FB.
Im using the script example for multiple buttons, but struggeling to get the movement I want.
When I power up the controller I want to check/start the servo motor at fixed point. I have figured out that.
The project is that I want to build a small system that change the position of a lever back and forth.
I want to use severeal buttons to controll the same servo to toggle between fixed settings of the lever. Since I’m new to this, I’m struggling and would appreciate some help.

It is generally beyond the scope of our support to offer much assistance with user code, but I can do a basic check for anything wrong if you post a copy of your Maestro settings file. You can save your Maestro settings file from the “File” drop-down menu of the Maestro Control Center with the controller connected. Please use the same computer you used to program your Maestro.

When asking for help with code, it is best if you focus on just one problem at a time and post the simplest version of your program that demonstrates the issue. For example, if you are having trouble handling ten buttons, reduce your program down to just handling one or two buttons and see if you can get that working first. Include a description of what you expect to happen, what is happening instead, and what you have already tried to fix it. If you are have trouble describing what is going on, consider posting a video. The forum does not allow users to post very large videos, but it does work well with videos linked from other sites (like YouTube or Vimeo).

- Patrick