Micro metal Gear motors 30:1

The motor which I have from pololu is not smooth. When I removed the gear box the shaft of the motor was not smooth which means that it’s a problem with the motor. Should I open the motor and check whether there is something blocking it ?
And how should I open the motor?


I do not recommend opening the motor because it is easy to permanently damage the motor when doing so. Could you describe in more detail what you mean by not smooth? Does the motor run at all? Do you have more than one of those motors? If so, do they behave differently? Could you post a video showing the issue?

- Grant

I have two motors with me.One works smoothly but the other one does not spin smoothly.It feels like it is scraping against something.
There is no performance difference but still should i use the motor.

It sound like it might be difficult, but if possible, could you post a video demonstrating the issue? Could you also try running both motors and reading their current draws to see if they are different? If the current draws look the same, you might just try testing the motor more since the performance does not sound like it is an issue. If more testing of the motor does reveal issues, please email us with more details about the testing and a reference to this post.

- Grant