Micro maestro with 12v led strip

Hello everybody! I’m a new user and I have a micro maestro servo controller. I was wondering if it was possible to use the controller’s outputs to activate a 12V led strip like this tutorial on arduino.

Thanks :smiley:


It looks like the example you linked to is using a PWM signal from an Arduino to dim the LED strip. The Micro Maestro outputs standard hobby servo pulses, but not a duty cycle controlled PWM signal, so you would not be able to use it in that way. The 12-, 18-, and 24-channel Mini Maestro controllers have a channel that can be configured to output that kind of PWM signal, so you might be able to use them in that kind of a setup. You can see more about configuring the PWM output on the Mini Maestro controllers in the “Status and Real-time Control” section of the Maestro user’s guide.

Is there a reason why you wanted to use a Maestro? If not, you might consider using something like our Arduino-compatible A-Star 32U4 Micro.