Micro dual serial controller Help, LED, etc

Hello, I have a few questions regarding Micro dual serial controller. The first question is what do the LEDs represent (the significance, ie power, data transfer etc)? I can’t seem to find it in the manual.

I noticed in the back of the manual in the faq section that it is not recommend for the power source to be from a voltage regulator. Is this a concern of EMI? I’m using a 10 -36 v switching power supply, that is shielded for EMI and its inputs are isolated from the output. It’s 3.3V 2.4 Amp output. I am using capacitors to smooth out voltage ripple which is about 20 mV peak to peak. Is this acceptable for both the logic side of the board, and motor power input?

I’m pretty sure I fried my board because my serial voltage was 10v which I was expecting it to be 5V because it was an usb to serial adaptor. My question is does serial voltage has to be the peak of the logic in voltage? And pin 6 and 7 have to be shorted on the serial connector is this correct?

When I power up the unit for the first time I noticed that the motors were flicking on as if they were picking up noise. Is this normal before initial setup of the motors and if not, what can you suggest, Is there a sequence of led lights that turn on during power up?

Thanks, Sorry for the number of questions.