Mega 256 with Dual VNH5019 motor driver shield for Arduino

Hi forum users, I plan to use the motor driver shield with Arduino Mega 256. The user guide uses UNO as an example. How do I physically connect the Mega 256 to the motor driver shield? Do the software programs for this shield work with the Mega 256 without any modifications?


The Arduino Mega is compatible with our VNH5019 shield; you can find the list of compatible Arduino boards in the “What You Will Need” section of the “Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield User’s Guide”.

You should plug the shield in so that the pins nearest to the USB and barrel jack on the Arduino line up with the shield. The user’s guide for the VNH5019 shield shows assembly instructions and several examples of the shield connected to an Arduino; the shield can only be connected one way.

Our Arduino library on GitHub should work with the Arduino Mega without any modifications.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thanks Derrill. It is working but there is a strange issue. The motor does not turn at the recommended voltage. It produces strange sound instead. We have to increase the voltage to a few more volts in order for it to turn. How come?

Can you tell me the voltage rating of the motor or provide a link to its specifications? What voltage were you using when the motor failed to turn? At what voltage did the motor start to turn? Was there any load on the motor when you tested it? Also, can you post the sketch you are using?


The voltage rating is about 7 volt. The motor failed to turn at this voltage. It produced strange sounds. It started to turn at about 9 volt. No load in both cases.

That seems to be a pretty large startup voltage, can you try powering the motor directly to see what voltage the motor starts turning? Can you also link me to the product page for your motor? If the duty cycle in your sketch is low, that could cause a similar problem. Can you post your sketch as I asked in my last post? Also, can you post a picture of your setup that shows all of your connections?