Mechanical issue - how to mount 18v7

I’m working with my backup 18v7 now.
I need to mount it; but there are only 3 mounting holes, and they’re tiny, about 2.2mm.
I sorted through my jar of tiny screws (salvaged from hard drives etc) and did find what I guess are M2 screws, since they’re the only ones small enough to fit thru the holes. But they’re pretty short. And I don’t have a matching tap, I’m hoping to drill a 1.6mm hole into some plastic and hope they self-tap. I feel I must be I missing something.

How do people mount these boards in their applications ?

Doesn’t lack of support near the screw terminal cause problems ?
Is there a plastic clip small enough to mount these ? The smallest I can find so far are to suit a 2.5 hole, and it would cost me $60 ( to try them


The SMC mounting holes are intended for #2 or M2 screws, and people will often use those in conjuction with standoffs or spacers to mount the motor controllers (screw goes through the mounting hole, through a spacer, through a corresponding hole in your main chassis/housing, and is then tightened with a nut), though you could probably just use something as simple as double-sided tape. These boards are not heavy and should not be subject to strong mechanical forces, so three mounting holes should be more than sufficient in terms of support.


thanks for the reply. I ended up using M2 screws, normally I don’t go any smaller than M3, it gets very fiddly/hard to handle.