MDO3A 2 motors per channel


I found an old MD03A driver and was wondering if there are any other considerations I would need to take into account before connecting two motors per channel. From the data/performance sheet, each motor draws an average of 1.4-1.8A @ 12VDC. Stall current is ~4.7A. So for the driver model that I have, it appears that there shouldn’t be an issue to connect two per channel (thus driving my lynxmotion rover). Thank you in advance.



We typically recommend choosing a motor driver that can continuously handle the combined stall current of the motors you are using, so it sounds like you have that covered. Connecting motors in parallel to a single channel is common in skid-steer robots, so I wouldn’t expect any particular problems with doing that with your rover.


Awesome! Thank you for the reply Brandon.


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