MD01B (VNH2SP30) single Motor Controller

Hi folks,

as a newbie I have an very simple question, maybe there is an expert around wo can write an answer.

The Motor I want to connect has three inputs: 1.) Ground 2.) Clockwise 3.) counter Clockwise.

My question: can I just connect the Ground to Motor and OUT-A to Clockwise and OUT-B to counter Clockwise?
To run clockwise I simply put IN-A to HIGH and IN-B to LOW. To run counter clockwise IN-A is set to LOW and IN B to HIGH. To start the Motor just set PWM to HIGH.

What do the experts think about that?

Best Regards from Good Old Germany!


Hi, Elvis.

Could you post a datasheet or some other documentation for your motor?


Thank you for your reply!
The motor drives a hydraulic pump which moves the rudder of my Sailing Boat. Next time I am on the boat I will take a Photo of the motor!

Best regards!