MD01B mounting issue

I have the MD01B motor driver which is working just fine on a breadboard setup.

Now I need to mount the circuitry in a metal box and I see that two of the three mounting holes in the MD01 are plated through and connected to OUTB. I will have to find nylon bolts or risk having the whole enclosure hot when the motor is activated. Is there a reason for not isolating these holes?


I think the idea with the mounting holes being electrically connected was to improve heat sinking options and to maximize the current path in the upper-right area of the board. I suspect that if I did the board again, I would not extend the copper connection to the upper-left hole so that two diagonal and isolated holes would be available for mounting.

By the way, I think the holes are connected to out A. On some level, the metal box getting hot is good since the driver is more likely to overheat if you enclose it. However, you need to make sure that you don’t have an electrical short, for instance by grounding the metal box or by mounting multiple drivers to it.

- Jan

By hot, I mean electrically hot. I got 6/32 nylon screws from Ace hardware, they will do. The holes are a bit tight for 6/32 but they didn’t have any thing smaller. Maybe you could make insulated mounting screws an oderable option. And maybe a heat sink

I am very happy with the MD01B by the way. It is running a power seat motor from All Electronics (couple of amps), I’m working up software that uses a disc with 8 magnets and a Hall Effect sensor to get position feedback. This will form a servo for one of my woodworking fixtures.

it is working :smiley: :smiley:

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