MC33926 Shield 4 Motors for a Noob


I’ve looked through the forum on a information how to combine two MC33926 Motor Shields to operate 4 Motors. I need to operate the motors back and forth and each one individually, but I don’t need different speeds - full speed all the way!
I’m pretty much an electronics newbie and I just don’t know, where to start reading and what to do. I get that I have to remap some of the pins, but I don’t know, which ones I need, which ones I don’t need.
If there’s a friendly person, who can help me and point to the right direction I would be very thankful!



A good place to start would be to read the user’s guide, which is available on the product page under the resources tab. Among other things, it describes what each of the pins do and how to remap them, which you will have to do for at least one of your driver shields.

At minimum, you need to connect the DIR and PWM pins for each motor as well as the nD2 pin for the shield. However, if you need to free some of your I/O pins, since you do not need speed control, you could cut the traces connecting the Arduino I/O pin to the drivers’ PWM pins and then short the PWM pins 5V or VDD. You could do the same with the nD2 pin if you only want to operate in drive-brake mode instead of drive-coast mode.

- Patrick