MC33926 motor driver feedback input current-output voltage graphic

I’m thinking use MC33926 motor driver for my project. I will use feedback for current control. But I need to learn what feedback voltage each current value. there is information just that change 525 mV per Amp. I couldn’t see clearly information except this knowledge. I need a graphic current-output voltage. like (-3,+3) amp = (0-5) volt as graphically. I will decide according to this information. I will be happy if you help.
with best regard

Hello, Ozan.

Your question is not entirely clear, but it sounds like you want to know how to calculate the current through the H-Bridge on the driver from the voltage on FB pin. The formula for determining the magnitude of the current is I = V / 0.525. As an example, if the voltage on the pin is 1V, the current through the IC is about 1.9 A. The FB pin does not indicate the direction of the current flow, only the magnitude and the voltage on the pin (with respect to the GND on the board) will always be positive.


I’m sorry my english is not perfect. Exactly This is what I want to learn. I wasn’t sure about current value is measuring from GND or load. Everything is clear now. Thank you.