MC33926 malfunctions when used with Arduino Mega ADK

I have been working with the MC33926 Dual Motor driver an I have encountered some problems when I have tried to connect it to an Arduino Mega ADK. When using the device with the Arduino Uno it functioned correctly, however when I connected the shield to the Mega ADK and used the same demo code, the motor was activated in a slow forward direction regardless of what the code was sending to the device. Is this a known problem and if so is there a solution.


We do not have an Arduino ADK, so we have not tested the motor driver shield with it. It works on the Arduino Mega 2560, so we’d expect it to work with minimal changes. If you can give us some details about what you are doing, we might be able to help you further. Could you please post the code you are using? Do you have access to an oscilloscope to check the pin outputs of the ADK?


I have been using the provided demo code, however since posting this I believe I may have found a potential solution, by using 1600 instead 400 for the maximum speed the device started working correctly. I do have a scope if you would like me to try anything else.

Thank You for your help.

I am glad to see you got your code working, could you please post it here?