MC33926 Arduino shield Serial fault but motor still runs

Hi everyone,

I am experimenting an MC33926 motor driver shield for Arduino from

I did the soldering for all pins and connect it to an Arduino Uno R3. I am following the demo instructions

I uploaded the code and serial immediately said “fault” when I turn on the power supply for the pololu board. I use a power supply of 12V and 2.5A current limit. However, despite the serial “fault”, the motor still runs in one direction and stop when it reaches full range. This “fault” appears even though I tried disconnecting the motor from the pololu board. So I guess some problem may appear between arduino uno and mc33926.

I use a P16-P motor from actuonix. It has stall current of 1A so I think 2.5A from power supply is enough.

Thank you for your help

The fault flag on the MC33926 driver is trigger in undervoltage, overcurrent, and over temperature conditions. It sounds like your power supply is adequate and your motor seems to be within the listed ratings of the MC33926, as you mentioned, so it sounds like something else might be triggering the faults. I suspect there might be a problem with some of your connections or soldering. Can you post some pictures of your setup that show all of your connections? Also, can you post some close-up pictures of both sides of the MC33926 shield?