MC33926 and braking

I think this will be a quick question…when using the MC33926 with the Ardunio library, is “active braking” the same as md.setSpeeds(0,0); ? In other words, will using this line of code short the motor leads to ground, or is it just causing the motors to coast?

I have a robot tank. The servo that powers the turret might be too strong, because whenever the turret swings, it backdrives the motors at the wheels and the entire robot also turns as well. I was hoping braking the DC motors might keep it in place, but when I call md.setSpeeds(0,0); the base still turns.


Hello, Mike.

The Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino will be actively braking (with the two motor leads connected together) when you set the speeds to 0. The library does not toggle the D̅͞2 pin, which is necessary to coast.


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Thank you! Good to know. Except now I have to look elsewhere for countermeasures…