maximum current for drv8825 in continuous use

hello I have a question what would be the maximum current that can stand for a long time of use a drv 8825 with a very very good dissipation

Excuse me if you do not understand me very well my English and written this using the google translator


The DRV8825 datasheet list the theoretical maximum as 2.5A, but it is almost certainly not possible to get continuous currents that high, and for comparison, our DRV8825 carrier is rated for 1.5A per phase without additional cooling. Getting even 2A per coil from this driver would require substantial cooling, and I am not sure how practical it would be.

The RepRap community regularly uses our stepper motor driver carriers with additional cooling, so you might look around their site to see what methods they have used and how effective they were.

If you do decide to try this driver with additional cooling, we would certainly be interested to hear about your results.