Making my motor quiet?

Hi guys, sorry I am a bit of a noob. I and doing my first project. It is a Music box. I am trying to get an electric motor to turn this DIY music box kit:


I bought this motor:

I got it running just fine and everything. Not sure how I’m going to connect it to turn the music box but thats not where I’m at right now. My problem is that IT"S LOUD.

I made a little wooden enclosure to see if that would help, it does, but still pretty loud. I’m wondering if there are things out there that exist that can quiet my motor down. Either a new super silent motor or an enclosure for my motor.

This matters because it’s a music box.

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thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You might try adding additional noise insulation to your enclosure. Alternatively, you could try looking for a motor that is intended for quiet operation. Unfortunately, I do not have any recommendation for noise insulation material or a more quiet gearmotor.

- Grant


Have you tried using subsonic PWM? Setting PWM frequency to > 20000 reduces motor noise greatly.