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Maestro Controller Hardware Components

Hi Everyone,

l need help with component parts of the pololu maestro circuit board hardware. Questions can be found in the following link:

They’re are about 4 component that l am not aware what the hardware is called and their functionalities, l would like to know their functionalities.



I moved your post to the servo controllers and servos section of the forum.

We do not disclose the schematic or bill of materials for the Maestros. Is there a specific reason you are interested?


Hi Claire,

Thank you for following up. l am interested in knowing the schematic for upgrading purposes the maestro presently only operates servo and not brushless motors, what l need it to operate,brushless motors. l want to create a Maestro that can conduct upto 120Volt and believe, l will need to upgrade the maestro components, hence the reason for knowing schematic details.

Best Regards,


That sounds like a lot more than an upgrade! You would need all new hardware to control brushless motors and accept 120V power, so I do not think knowing the components used on our Maestros would be very helpful anyway. I recommend looking into brushless motor drivers and controllers.


Hi David,

Please reach me. This is not relevant to the Wixel SDK on Linux Ubuntu topic. l need your assistance.

l see you are the software developer responsible of Pololu Maestro Controller Coding. GitHub - Elvis485/pololu-usb-sdk: Example code for making your own PC applications that control Pololu USB. l would like to work with you in upgrading the pololu maestro servo controller to operate 40 to 60 AC / DC Brushless Motors with around 120 Volt Input and Output to a MicroController.

The current Pololu Maestro Servo Controller can only support up to 24 volts.

l will buy each Upgraded Pololu Maestro Servo Controller for $140. l believe, l will be buy a minimum of 12 per year.

Please let me know how soon we can start.

Pololu Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide


Elvis Ogutu



1402 Corinth St #2100, Dallas, TX 75215

Hi, Elvis.

I moved your post to this thread where you previously asked about the same kind of alterations to a Maestro since, as you mentioned, your post is not related to the Wixel SDK.

As I mentioned before, your request is not an upgrade. It would require a totally new design, which is currently not practical for us to work on.