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Setting up Wixel SDK on Linux Ubuntu 20.04

Hi friends,
I am trying to install and use the Wixel SDK for developing my own wixel apps; I am using Linux Ubuntu 20.04. I cloned the relevant git repository using:
git clone -o pololu git://github.com/pololu/wixel-sdk.git

I am unsure what steps I should take next. I read the wixel SDK documentation (Wixel SDK: Wixel SDK Documentation). I looked at the README.txt in the installer folder of wixel sdk. How does the process work? What is the program that we write the code in and compile? Please help I am lost.

Hello. The documentation that you linked to describes how to use the SDK and what software it depends on. Since you are using Ubuntu, you probably already have everything that it needs except SDCC. I recommend installing SDCC. After that, I recommend following the instructions in the “Building and Loading Apps” section, which will help you compile apps from the SDK and load them onto your Wixel.

Once you are ready to start writing your own apps, see the “Creating Your Own App” section of the documentation you linked to. You can use any normal text editor to edit the code in the Wixel SDK.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Hi David,
Thank you for your reply. I have installed the SDCC (version 3.8.0) and I entered ‘make’ in the top level directory of the SDK; it finished compiling successfully. I was wondering how I can use the SDCC – suppose I write a script in C, how do I use the SDCC to compile it? Thank you for your help again.

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When you typed make in the Wixel SDK directory, you successfully used SDCC to compile all of the libraries and apps that come with the Wixel SDK. Now you can edit the apps there or make your own apps.

If you are curious and want to see the details of how the Wixel SDK Makefile invokes SDCC to compile everything, you can run make VERBOSE=Y. (However, you’ll first need to edit some of the code or run make clean, or else Make might just exit without doing anything because all of the code has already been built.)