Maestro 6 drivers not being found

hi have been trying to get my MM6 working and having little luck.

I am currently running XP Home edition SP3 on a Lenovo ideapad s10 with 2GB Ram

Have downloaded the software from pololu and run setup with admin rights.
The software runs and installs happily though does not give me the option to install or okay driver install. I then plug in my maestro 6 board in to a usb slot, and windows detects new hardware, I select no,not this time then next and let it install software automatically failing to find the pololu maestro drivers, there are three setup wizards that pop up, ttl, command port etc… but all fail to find drivers.

have checked my usbser.sys and it is version:5.1.2600.5512

have changed the usb cable and usb port.
have tried to check it on another laptop running windows 8 but it won’t let me get past the net software 3.5.

Any help much appreciated…


It sounds like you have correctly followed the instructions in the “Installing Windows Drivers and Software” section of the Maestro controller’s user’s guide, but Windows cannot find the drivers. Could you try re-downloading the drivers and software file from the “Resources” tab of the Maestro product page and trying again with the fresh download? If that does not work, could you connect your Maestro to the computer via USB and tell us what entries you see for it in your Device Manager? Does it show up as an unknown device?


Thank you for responding, have attached a screen dump of my device manager, seems to have detected the elements?

Thank you for the screen capture. In the Device Manager, could you please double-click on the “Pololu Micro Maestro 6-Servo Controller” entry, go to the “Details” tab, and tell us what the Hardware Ids are?


Hi, the id: USB\VID_1FFB&PID_009F&MI_04\6&3B1EC31&0&0004.

That product ID is for a custom version of the Maestro; the “Windows could not find driver software for your device” message means the IDs of your device don’t match any of the IDs listed in the inf file. Did you get your Maestro as part of some other product form a different company?


Yeah it was part of a bundle?

Is there some generic drivers I can download?

You should ask the vendor you got it from for information about drivers.


So that’s a no for generic drivers? Thanks for your help and handball to somebody else…

I am not sure what your ultimate goal is. The custom Maestro you have is part of a larger system from your vendor; if you want to use the Maestro as part of that system, you should contact the vendor, and we cannot really help you. If you are not interested in the rest of that system and just want to get a stock Micro Maestro, I can help you change the firmware back to our original version and get the standard drivers working, but this will most likely be a permanent change that prevents you from using the larger system.