Mac OSX Finding maestro USB virtual serial port numbers

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I’ve connected my micro maestro via USB to my mac and I’m trying to find the two virtual serial port numbers the maestro created, so I can control the servos via a MATLAB function I found on the forums: movePololuServo(port, channel, servo_setting).

How can I find the serial port numbers? Are the numbers generated only when the maestro is plugged into mac? Can they be found from the control software on windows?

I tried looking through the forum for an answer, some people have found the serial number here but I dont know how they did it.

There is mention in the comments here about using the Linux control centre, if there’s no clear answer I might try that.

Some background info:
-I setup the maestro on a windows computer and put it in USB Dual Mode.
-I’ve tried using instfindall() in terminal, but it returns nothing. Do i need to put a term in the brackets so terminal knows what to look for?
-I’ve tried typing /dev/cu.* into terminal and i get the following response:
bash: /dev/tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port: Permission denied
-Using OSX 10.12.3

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From your error message (in your third bullet point), it looks like you entered the wrong command to list all the devices connected to your Mac. Please type ls /dev/cu* into Terminal and post the results here.

- Amanda

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for your time - I actually figured out you can find the serial port number from the USB section in the ‘about this mac’ menu; Once I tried using that serial number matlab listed all of the virtual ports and I simply had to use the lowest one.

Interestingly terminal gave the following response:
GJCs-MBPro:~ georgecharnley$ 1s /dev/cu.*
-bash: 1s: command not found


I am glad you found another way to see the serial port numbers on your Mac; thanks for letting me know.

By the way, the reason why you got that error is because you used the number one, 1s, instead of a lowercase L, ls.

- Amanda


Ah yes. My bad! Thank you for your help.