Low Voltage Motor Driver Selection


I am working on an electromechanical solenoid actuator with 400 mohm load and i need max 2 amps. I use DRV8835 and DRV8838 and apply 3 volts for driver side and 2 volts for motor side with PWM signals (20kHz) obtained from dSPACE 1103 for adjusting the voltage amplitute. I have one output for system (aout1 amd aout2) and i use AENB for PWM signals. When i try to run, system doesnt work. I guess the problem is with low resistance load. On the other hand, i tried with a 330 ohm load, both driver worked perfect.
It will be great if somebody give some feedback. Thanks,


Could you explain exactly what is happening when you say your system doesn’t work? One problem might be that the lower resistance load is causing the drivers’ over-current protection to activate. You could try lowering the motor supply voltage to see if it produces better results. The motor power supply can be as low as 0V on both the DRV8835 and DRV8838.

Could you also post a picture of your setup? Could you provide a datasheet or a link to your solenoid’s specifications?

- Jeremy