Low Speed, Adjustable Motor

I have a Neptune Apex aquarium controller that, among other things, output 0-10V DC to control things like motors. I want to get a low variable speed motor that can go from an almost 0 to 10 or 20 RPM in response to the controller output. My optimal speed is around 7.5 RPM but I would like to be able to adjust the speed as needed. This motor would not require high torque at all but it would be continues duty, runny 24/7 365
Moving a slider bar in the controller’s software changes its voltage output. This is not intended to be an accurate speed control.

My first thought would be a stepper motor and one or more boards but a servo motor or even a regular motor might work as well and be simpler.

What would you suggest that I thing about using to get this done?


Stepper motors and servos are not really appropriate for that kind of continuous rotation application. We carry brushed DC gearmotors, which are better suited for speed-control, but they do not have great lifetimes. You might consider using brushless DC gearmotors, which are better suited for continuous use. Accordingly, if you get a brushless DC gearmotor, you would want to get a controller designed to operate a brushless DC gearmotor. (We do not carry any brushless motors or controllers, nor do not have any recommendations on where to start looking.)