Looking for help in using multiple motors with Arduino

Hi everybody! I’m new here and also new to robotics world. I really need help in finding a good low-cost solution for adding at least 8 motors to an Arduino UNO and use them separately. Each DC motor should turn individually and I should be able to control the speed of each motor. Any idea for doing this? I don’t know what kind of motors to use(they don’t have to be powerful or big).


That seems like a lot of motors to control independently using a single Arduino. Products in our Brushed DC Motor Drivers category are usually the most low cost solution for controlling a motor and they typically require at a minimum one PWM pin to control the motor power and a second pin to control the motor direction, though there are some exceptions to this. Products in our Brushed DC Motor Controllers category generally have a microcontroller built in so they can process higher level control signals, like commands sent over TTL serial. Some of these devices allow daisy chaining so that more than one can be connected to a single serial port.

I recommend looking at the products in those two categories (including the documentation on the product pages and the additional resources linked to on the “Resources” tab of each product page) to find out more about how the products we carry work. If you are not entirely sure how to select an appropriate controller, you could tell me more about your system (e.g. what exactly it is you want to do with your 8 motors), and I might be able to narrow down some appropriate motors and drivers/controllers.