Looking for female connector PN for feedback and motor connections

I have feedback actuators Pololu - Glideforce GF23-120502-3-65 High-Speed LD Linear Actuator with Feedback: 12kgf, 2" Stroke (1.97" Usable), 3.3"/s, 12V and need a digikey PN for the female 4 pin and 2 pin connectors I would use to connect the existing actuator connectors to dongle wires that connect to my electronics board. Or the specifications so I can find a PN. Thank you!

The part number for the 2 connectors used on that actuator can be found in the manufacturer’s datasheet under the “Resources” tab of the product page. From a quick search, it looks like the DigiKey part numbers are A111772-ND and A111773-ND. Please note that those are the connectors on the actuator; a few different options for mating connectors can be found on their respective DigiKey pages.

Additionally, we carry pre-assembled 10ft Extension Cable for Glideforce Light-Duty/Medium-Duty Linear Actuators with Feedback that you might find useful.


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