Linear Actuator Stepper Motor

Please I need a linear actuator stepper motor ,my application is to use a linear actuator stepper motor with a simple syringe to deliver a medical solution to a patient ,that means that my application requires that the linear actuator stepper motor be attached to the syringe to propel the solution in the syringe with a flow rate ranging from 0.1 to 1 ml/hr , the volume of the syringe barrel to be 10 or 20 ml.

My project requires a high accuracy and repeatability.

The only thing that I want to know how could I take into account the amount of force that actuator needs to infuse the fluid when it is attached to the syringe.


That sounds like an interesting application; however, I do not have a recommendation for accounting for the force of the actuator in your system. In general, we do not recommend any of our products be used in projects that may be dangerous, and in this case, it sounds like a malfunction of some sort could be very dangerous.