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Linear Actuator not retracting with the Tic T825

Hello, I’m using these linear actuators [P8 Micro Stepper Actuator 10mm stroke 49:1 gearing] and connecting it to the Tic T825. I’m using the Tic Control Center. I managed to get the Linear Actuator to extend it’s full stoke length (50 mm). But when I invert the motor direction on the Tic Control Center, it doesn’t retract. I also switched the wire connections for A1 and A2 and it still doesn’t work. Any reasons why that’s the case? Is it because I’m not supplying enough voltage?
For context, I’m supplying around 7.5 V to 8.0 V, 256 mA, and using Serial control.


Is the red LED lit on the Tic T825 (indicating an error)? The Tic T825’s minimum operating voltage is 8.5V, so you should be using at least that (preferably around 9V or so to give yourself some extra margin).

If it still does not work when you use a higher voltage, can you try using the slider in the Tic Control Center to move the motor instead of serial commands? Also, can you check to see if any errors are being indicated and if so, specify which ones? Posting your setting file along with pictures of your setup that show all of your connections might be useful as well. You can save your settings file from the “File” drop-down menu of the Tic Control Center.


I got a 9 V battery and the setup is still the same, but now I’m getting this message “There was a error loading settings from the device. Control transfer failed. The request was invalid or there was a I/O problem. Windows error code 0x1f”. Do you know why it’s happening and how I can it fix it?

A 9V PP3 block battery? Those are intended for very low power devices, like smoke alarms, and can’t supply enough current for motors.

It sounds like the Tic’s USB connection might be getting affected by electrical noise from your system . You should make sure your motor and power wires are separated from your USB as much as possible. You can also try using shorter or different USB cables or using a powered USB hub (alternatively, if you’re already using one, you could try removing it).

Could you post pictures of your setup that show all of your connections?

By the way, If you are referring to typical Alkaline 9V batteries, please note that 9V batteries are not good for high-current applications such as driving stepper motors, as Jim mentioned. You can find more information about why 9V batteries are not recommended for this application in this “Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A” blog post on batteries.