Linear actuator is only fully extending or retract

I have a " Generic Linear Actuator with Feedback: 4" Stroke, 12V, 0.6"/s " which is hooked to a “Pololu Jrk 21v3 USB Motor Controller with Feedback” . I installed the Jrk configuration utility and applied the settings with the “jrk 21v3 settings for LACTxP linear actuators” file. However, when I try to control the actuator with the “Jrk configuration utility”'s “Set target” button the cylinder only fully extends or retracts all the way back. Any ideas why this is happening?


When you use the “Set Target” button, what targets are you setting and what is the linear actuator doing in response to each target? Could you send me pictures that clearly show how you have things connected? Also, can you confirm that the jrk setting have been applied by checking that the PID constants that show up in your configuration utility match the ones in the jrk 21v3 settings file for use with LACTxP?

  • Grant