Linear actuator as micrometer


I’m looking to make a motorized micrometer to plug into a rotational stage to finely control movement, as store sold ones are very expensive. My requirements are that the minimum step size (minimum extension) is under 60um, and feedback needs to be the same or better in resolution. Ideally, I would like a captive (non-rotating tip) linear actuator for this job. Shaft width/diameter needs to be smaller than 5mm. Shaft length is a secondary consideration as the distance between the micrometer and the stage can be adjusted.

I have not been able to assemble such a product from looking through the parts available in the Pololu catalog, as I couldn’t find the minimum step size or the potentiometer feedback resolution of the concentric actuators. Also, I couldn’t find encoders to use with the stepper actuators available, and couldn’t find captive stepper actuators.

Help and suggestions on finding parts to put together will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hello, Sam.

Unfortunately, our linear actuators with feedback do not have the level of accuracy you are talking about, and I do not know where you might find actuators with that level of accuracy. We also do not have encoders for our stepper motors with lead screw, and do not know where you would find those either.