Limit range finding with Tic controllers

I have a Tic500 set up with two limit switches (and it’s working wonderfully). I’d like to be able to determine the step count between the limit switches; however, the Tic resets its position counter every time it finishes a home command.

I’m sure I can make a janky version of this work (home reverse so position is zero’d and known; advance slowly towards other limit switch and poll position; save greatest position reached while position is still known; then go home in reverse again to re-zero).

Is there a less janky version of this that the Tic firmware might support?


Hello, rgiese.

I am glad to hear you are liking the Tic so far! After the Tic does it’s homing procedure and sets it’s current position to 0, you should be able to send it a “set target velocity” command to move it forward. It will then stop once it reaches the other limit switch, at which point you can read the “Current position” variable. You could also use the “set target position” command instead of “set target velocity” if you set the target position beyond the limit switch. Please note that this is assuming that you have not enabled automatic homing (which will initiate the homing sequence when the limit switch is triggered while moving).

If you continue having problems getting that kind of behavior, can you post more information about how you are controlling the Tic (e.g. are you using a separate microcontroller or writing your own PC software)? Also could you post your Tic settings file? You can save your Tic settings file by selecting the “Save settings file…” option within the “File” drop-down menu of the Tic Control Center while your Tic is connected.