Lifespan of Pololu 1593 Mini Plastic Gear Motor


Do you have any information about the lifespan of a Pololu 1593, Mini Plastic Gearmotor 90-degree? I would like to consider it in a durable consumer product, but unfortunately there is no lifespan information of the product.

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately, we do not have our motor lifetimes well characterized, and in general, the lifetimes can depend on many different factors. What kind of lifetimes are you hoping for and under what conditions?


Hi Grant,

Thanks for your response. I am looking forward to see a 2500h lifespan. I mean, the motor will be able to work for 2500h without any stop.

There will be no load on gear motor during this 2500h.


Unfortunately, I think that’s at least an order of magnitude beyond what you should expect from DC motors like these.