Library for vnh2sp30

Hi there

I have been working with your vnh5019 driver and library with 2*180watt motors which works well I just added some heat sinks but now I am swapping my motors out for 200watt motors so I was looking at the dual vnh2sp30 to stay on the safe side but i cant find a library, could one use the vnh5019 library with it?



The VNH2SP30 is very similar to the VNH5019, so you might consider duplicating the connections that our VNH5019 shield makes. You can find out more about those in its user’s guide, which you can find under the “Resources” tab of its product page. With those connections, you should be able to just use our VNH5019 shield library to control your VNH2SP30 driver. However, the VNH5019 is generally a more robust motor driver than the VNH2SP30, so I recommend just trying it first with your new motors before switching to the VNH2SP30.