Laser sensor with narrow FOV


I need a very precise laser to measure where my fingers are when they are about 40 cm away from the sensor. I have been looking on VL53L1X but since I am going to have maybe 20-30 lined up next to eachother I need to have a very narrow field of view so that they dont collide with eachother. Are there any more narrow sensor then VL53L1X that I can use for this? That still is class 1? Im going to use this in a public space so that is important.

I attach a small sketch:


We do not have any other proximity sensors with a significantly narrower field of view than the VL53L1X, but you could try adding some physical shielding around the sensor to have that effect.

Another option, instead of lining up an array of many sensors, could be to use just a few VL53L5CX sensors across the same distance. The VL53L5CX can simultaneously measure across multiple zones to generate a depth map with up to 8x8 resolution, so you might look into whether that might be precise enough for your application.

- Patrick

I forgot to mention in my first post that the VL53L1X senor’s field of view (FoV) can also be adjusted in your program. There are a few functions in our VL53L1X Arduino library related to this like setROISize, getROISize, and setROICenter. (ROI is short for region of interest.) The documentation on the library’s GitHub page explains more and provides some other references for more information.

- Patrick

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