Time-of-Flight sensor Region of Interest programming

I am trying to port some code from Python (“rasberry pi”) to Arduino (nano 33iot)

and want to set the ROI top middle 4x4 (on Adafruit sensor 16 square pad sensor))

sadly the pololu Arduino lib doesn’t give the same api as the pololu python lib

 getROISize, and setROICenter

python (which works great)

.VL53L1xUserRoi(0, 15, 15, 0)

so I guess I have to figure out where center and size of the requested range (altho the function has a placement) and convert to those apis.

anyone done this already?


I moved your post to a new thread to help keep the forum organized.

We do not have a Python library for the VL53L1X. Can you confirm which specific sensor and libraries you are using? Helping to develop user code is beyond the scope of our technical support, but we would be happy to answer any specific questions about our sensors or the libraries we provide.

- Patrick

thanks, got user names mixed up. understand the support channel. sorry