LabView with pololu 8-servo controller(SSC04A)

Hi everyone i am having 8ch pololu servo controller SSC04A with a servo drive.
I want to controll with labview using serial communication.
I am able to control with Pololu serial transmitter but unable with labview

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Your post doesn’t actually ask any questions, which makes it hard to help you. Here are a few forum threads that might be useful to you:

- Ben

i want to control SSC04A servo controller which is 8ch servo controller using labview but unable to do so
i have tried using your link but its not working

You continue to make it extremely hard to help you. You need to be much more detailed in explaining what you are trying to accomplish, what you’ve tried so far toward that goal, and what results you got when you tried. Just saying “it’s not working” doesn’t give anyone a clue as to what might be wrong.

I pointed you to several links that contain labview code for sending serial data to Pololu products. Can you not use these as starting points for your own program?

- Ben

hi i am trying to send command format as per manual (using this command i am able to control servo drive using pololu serial transmitter very well) but using similar commands it doesn’t respond controller only blinks it’s yellow led one’s when i send command. my question is that i can directly send commands using visa write to controller using strait serial cable or any thing i need in between. please also tell me that i need some time gap between command data bytes example:-if using five byte command( byte1, delay, byte2, delay, byte3, delay, byte4, delay, byte5) or i send concatenated string of 5 bytes in string format …
please tell me anything you need to help me i will be uploading it

i am new user to this types of controller if i am going wrong please tell me how should i use this controller in labview or any other language from scratch…

You don’t need anything more than a DB9 serial cable to connect your computer to your servo controller, and you don’t need any delays when sending bytes; the servo controller should be able to accept bytes as quickly as you can send them as long as your baud rate doesn’t exceed 38.4kbps.

The controller interface is a simple serial protocol, as you’ve already discovered by sending commands successfully with the Pololu Serial Transmitter utility. All you need to do is write a program in the language of your choosing that sends those same bytes you were sending with the Pololu Serial Transmitter. There are many computer programming languages out there that let you easily send serial data. The labview program I linked you do is one example. Another is this C# program for sending data to our TReX motor controller. This program is more complicated than you need, but it shows you how to create a Serial Port object in C# and how to use that serial port object to send bytes.

- Ben