LabVIEW TTL-serial generation for Tic stepper motor controllers

I am trying to integrate a Pololu stepper motor (Sanyo Pancake) with a Tic stepper motor driver (Tic T249) into a LabVIEW-driven system. I am using a DAQ (BNC, I/O board) with an NI-PCIe-6343 DAQ-card. I plan to use TTL-serial, as outlined in for communication from the LabVIEW VI to the motor driver.
I was planning on creating a Python script to handle the output of the Tic serial commands (integer or equivalent bit-string) and then use LabVIEW to translate/transmit these Tic commands to TTL communication signal on a digital output pin on the DAQ.
I am wondering if the Pololu team or anyone else has any experience with generating a TTL signal in LabVIEW. I realize this is a LabVIEW focused problem but I haven’t found help elsewhere.


We do not use LabVIEW, so we cannot offer much help with your project. If you do run into problems, you might try looking at the signals your LabVIEW code generates with an oscilloscope. If you have an Arduino board, you might also try running one of the serial examples from the Tic Stepper Motor Controller library for Arduino and comparing the signals between that code and your LabView code.

- Amanda

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Hi Maeosu, I think I have solved this problem myself. I wrote thread on NI community to communicate with these things on Labview. Perhaps it will help you.