Labview program for JRK 21v3

Hallo I need some help to connect the JRK 21v3 motor controller via labview.
The controller is working very well if I use the pololu USB software with the analog voltage input. But If I try the serial input and use labview nothing happends. I don’t get some errors as well.
Could anybody give me an instruction to communicate with the JRK 21v3 via the serial USB port?


Unfortunately, we do not have any specific examples for controlling the jrk via LabVIEW. However, one of our customers posted a VI for the Maestro Servo Controller, which uses very similar TTL Serial commands, so you should be able to use that as a starting point. You can see the supported serial commands in the "Motor Control Commands, Error Reporting Commands, and Variable Reading Commands sections of the jrk’s user’s guide. Also, please note that your jrk’s serial mode should be set to USB Dual Port.