Jrk21v3 motor controller (center output)

Hello, I’m trying to “detect motor direction” using the jrk config. utility. I’m using a jrk21v3 controlled. When I click “detect motor direction”, I get a message that says “center output and then click, ok”. I did try with P = 2, I = 0 and D = 0 (also with P = 3.5, I = 0 and D = 20), but I’m still not able to detect the motor direction. The “Run/Stop motor” option seems to work fine. Any pointers? Thanks for your help?

Hello and welcome to the forum. Which feedback mode are you using? Could you post the jrk settings file? When the message says “center output and then click OK”, are you moving the motor to the center of its range of motion?

- Jeremy