Jrk12v12 shutdown if exceed max current


Is it possible to set a max current such that the controller continues to output the set threshold without shutting down if more is needed? i.e if a 12A max is set, but the motor attempts to draw more, the controller does not provide more current, but rather remains outputting 12A without shutting down.

Thank you


On the Jrk controller, when the “Max. current exceeded” error is configured to “Enabled” it will turn off the output when the current exceeds the configured threshold, then drive the motor again when it drops below the configured current. This feature is intended to help prevent damage to the motor or driver during extreme cases (e.g. stalls or sudden increases in load). I would not recommend using it to continuously run the driver near its limit, but you might be able to use it to keep a motor running at some lower current.

By the way, the accuracy of the current limiting might depend on the characteristics of the motor (e.g. inductance, maybe load).