Jrk g2 with hall sensor

hello! it did try the controller with a little Potentiometer and it worked good.

now i will try to use it with a hall sensor like [https://www.conrad.at/de/hallsensor-ab-elektronik-9168000010-5-vdc-messbereich-45-45-stecker-amp-182865.html](http://conrad sensor)

and i was not able to get readings that are changing

i did test both sensors with my arduino and they worked very well…

Are you trying to use that sensor to provide an input signal or a feedback signal to the Jrk G2? Could you post some pictures that show all of your connections? Also, could you post your Jrk G2 settings file? You can save the settings file by selecting the “Save settings file…” option within the “File” drop-down menu of the Jrk G2 Configuration Utility.


The sensor is for analog feedback.

Connect at + _ and Signal to

Gnd aux and fba at the g2 like describing on your homepage.

In the g2 setting I did only change to analog feedback.

works with that poti at the pics

jrk_settings.txt (2.0 KB)

i did find the reason.

aux does not give enough V for the hall sensor - the sensor needs 5 v input

so i did use the 5 V VCC pin next to it.

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I am glad switching to the 5V pin fixed the problem; thank you for letting us know!

The AUX pin should also be at 5V, but I suspect the feedback disconnect feature was causing problems with your potentiometer. If the “Feedback disconnect” error is enabled, the Jrk G2 pulls the AUX pin low once per PID period and verifies that the FBA pin corresponds appropriately.

Edit: there is also a 220 Ohm resistor in line with the AUX pin, so that limits the current it can provide.