Jrk G2 reporting current draw with no motor


We have four Pololu Jrk G2 18v19 motor controllers controlled via I2C by a Arduino Nano 33 BLE for four brushless DC motors. We are testing the controllers without motors connected at the moment. One of the motor controllers reports current draw when a target is set, even though no motor/device is connected to OUTA and OUTB, as shown in the screenshot below:

This occurs when driven via the configuration utility as well as by I2C. For reference, here is the output of our UI (controlling via I2C) showing the other motor controllers reporting 0 mA current draw:

Is this behavior expected?

Thank you for your support.



Please note that the Jrk G2 motor controllers are not intended for use with brushless motors. It is meant for brushed DC motors.

As for the current reading you are getting, it is not unexpected to be off by that kind of range. You can read more about how the Jrk G2 controllers measure current and how to tweak the settings to make current measurement more accurate in the “Motor settings” section of the Jrk G2 Motor Controller user’s guide.