Jrk G2 24V3 Successful motor control, but current readout 0A?

Hi, I’m trying to get a realtime readout of the jrk board’s power usage, voltage * current. I can read voltage okay, but the current readout is always zero?

I’m able to use the Jrk board to actually control the motor without issue, but the only problem is that the current readout shows 0A no matter what despite the motor spinning happily at full blast.

Edit: Some more info:
At full 100% output, the motor does turn, and the raw current readout is ~38mV
At 0% output, raw current readout is ~26mV.

In both cases, the current readout is 0mA


Could you clarify which Jrk controller you’re using (there is no Jrk G2 24v3, but there is a Jrk G2 24v13 and a Jrk G2 21v3).

You might need to adjust the “Current offset calibration” value to get an accurate current reading. I suspect you are using a Jrk G2 24v13, in which case the expected raw reading should be 50mV when the duty cycle is 0. Since your Jrk controller is reporting a raw current reading of 26mV instead of the expected 50mV offset, you should be able to account for that by setting the “Current offset calibration” to -384. You can find more information about the current calculation in the “Motor settings” section of the Jrk G2 user’s guide.


Oops, yes, you are correct it is a 24v13. Was a typo

Progress is being made! After plugging in -384 into the Current Offset Calibration, I’m now seeing nonzero current values that at least appear to be reasonable when viewed from the configuration software window.

Thanks for the help!

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