JRK Confifuration Utility

Hello all I am wondering if there is a way to disable the “no power” error handler? It seems to be dimmed out not letting you de-select it. I am using the JRK #1392 board to control a motor with feedback using a “pot” for control input and a 12 volt power supply as a standalone bo that you will plug everything into (power, pot, and motor)…what is happening is if you hot swap or unplug the motor for eample the board errors out, or if you pull power and reapply power it errors out. I would like to not have this happen.

Please help.


There is no way to disable the “No power” error. However, if you choose the “Enabled” setting for the “No Power” error, instead of the “Enabled and latched” setting, the error will go away once power is reapplied. (You can select those settings under the “Errors” tab of the Jrk Configuration Utility.) Also, you mentioned that if you “hot swap or unplug the motor for example the board errors out”. The jrk only throws a “No power” error when the motor supply (connected to VIN and GND) is disconnected, not when a motor is removed from the A and B outputs. If you are getting a “No power” error when you remove your motor, can you post pictures that clearly show your connections, or a video that shows this behavior?

By the way, changing connections to a powered system, like removing a motor, is generally not good practice. If you tell me more specifically how your standalone jrk setup is supposed to work, I might be able to offer some suggestions.



Thanks for the reply…let me get a vid together but I will try to explain better what I have…what it is is a box with the JRK inside with connectors for power along with a switch on the box to turn power on and off…then there is a connection for the "pot"input control…then the motor feedback connection that has the motor + - and the feedback…and what happens is that when guys go ahead and plug this up they are not getting any activity I then tell them to power down unplug and replug and apply power and still no activity…I do have the no power fault enabled not the latch just enabled…let me see if I can get a video together…also I wonder if checking the inverse motor direction has anything to do with it?? Does the polarity A B connection have a bearing on that error??

Again thanks and I will get something to post to show

Checking the “Invert motor direction” check box simply changes the default direction that the jrk commands a motor to rotate, so I do not expect it to have any bearing on a “No power” error.

There are some inconsistencies in your two posts that are confusing to me. In your first post you mention that the jrk is initially working, but then stops working after you remove your motor. But, in your latest reply it is sounds like the board is never working for the people who are working with your system. I also strongly suspect that you might actually be getting another error since it sounds like you have power connected in your initial post. So, it would really help clear things up if your video showed the jrk, its connections, and then panned to the computer screen to show the “Errors” tab of the Jrk Configuration Utility.

Also, can you tell me what motors you are using? What are their stall currents? What are you using for a power supply?



I think I figured it out it was a bad wiring on connector!! Sorry about that