JRK closed loop speed control

I have 03 LACT actuators with JRK 12v12 driver working simultaneously. I want speed control along with the feedback to synchronise the start and end of motion simultaneously. Example: I need travel of 10 mm for 02 actuators but 20 mm for the third but I need all to start and finish at the same time means the third motor speed for this operation should be doubled. Let me know how it can be done.


The Jrk controllers do not have built-in support to do that kind of synchronized motion. While using the Jrk with analog feedback for closed-loop position control, the speed profile will depend on your PID coefficients as well as the max acceleration and max duty cycle settings you have configured.

You might try controlling the movement of the system by sending Set Target commands continuously with slowly changing target values. Alternatively, if your movements are all at 2:1 ratio, you might try adjusting your max acceleration and max duty cycle settings to see if you can get it close enough.