JRK 8-Bit Current change G2

We previously used the G1 21v3 board and are trying to migrate to the G2 24v13 board but have an issue with the 8-bit current value. Our board checks the current feedback and checks to see if it is within the expected value. However, the current base value changed from 38mA to 256mA on the G2 set. Our motor draws 0-200ma nominally and 500ma on a stall. Is there any way to scale down the 8-bit value to give it a matching resolution of the 21v3 board?


The 8-bit current variable has units of 256 mA on the Jrk G2. If you need a higher-resolution current measurement, you should be reading the Jrk G2’s 16-bit current variable. You can find more information about this variable under the “Current” heading in the “Variable reference” section of the Jrk G2 Motor Controller User’s Guide. You might also need to adjust the current offset calibration setting (described in the “Motor settings” section of that same user’s guide) to get a more reasonable reading.


Thanks for the information Brandon. I saw the 16-bit variable but the coding is already in place on several vehicles. I read about the current offset but I thought it was only for the current limiting portion and does not change the actual output reading.

What are you using the Jrks for and how many vehicles are you working with? Is it possible to update the code to use the 16-bit value at the same time that you replace the Jrk 21v3 with the Jrk G2?


15 units to control a small motor at a desired speed. Code would not be easily updated as we are 8bit but with some work we could get it running. Issue is getting things migrated as the vehicles are scattered. Was hoping there was a solution as 8bit is very common and 256ma is hard to reach on smaller motor projects.